Husky Traits and Challenges

The Siberian husky is a beautiful animal, and because of their friendly personalities and adorable puppy look, it is easy to overlook their “quirks.” While there are many awesome characteristics of Siberian huskies, there are many not-so-great things you NEED to know about the Siberian husky before you consider buying a puppy. Here are some of those challenging traits:

  • Husky’s are energetic, and need an active owner who is willing to spend time training them and paying attention to them.  This means walking them.  A lot!    If you do not give them the attention and exercise they need they will use that energy for something else.  Your home and belongings will pay the price!
  • Huskies will jump on people so be prepared to keep them in a separate area when you have guests.  Or be prepared for your guests to be jumped on!
  • Husky’s need protein.  And lots of it!  We feed our dogs high quality pet food, and encourage all new owners to use the same type of food.  This can mean it costs more than feeding another type of dog.  If costs are an issue for you, we would suggest you choose a different breed.
  • Huskies like to run and they will run away (usually in the opposite direction!) on you if you do not keep them fenced or on leash.  It very difficult to train a husky to be off-leash.
  • Huskies will pull (hard) when on lease or tether.  Be prepared for this.  It will take patience and time to get them to slow down.
  • Huskies will dig, particularly females.   Be prepared to have holes in your yard.  If your yard is well manicured and you don’t want that to change a husky is not the dog for you.
  • Huskies shed!  I cannot overstate this one!  THEY SHED ALOT!!  You must brush them every day and sometimes twice a day when the seasons change and they lose their winter coats.  Be prepared to sweep and vacuum every day.

While some of the behaviors can be curbed, most huskies will do all of these things.  If you have a problem with these challenges, then you should not get a Siberian husky. But if you think you can handle all of those challenges then you may soon be a husky owner!

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