Our Philosophy

As Siberian Husky owners and breeders, we understand the desire to have dogs as part of our family. We have been graced by the love of dogs all our lives, and hope our huskies’ will bring as much joy and happiness to you. It is our goal to breed strong, healthy and well balanced Siberian Husky puppies. Whether you are looking for a companion or a working dog, we want to deliver the best this breed has to offer. The challenge lies in finding the right owners who are well aware of the particular traits of the Siberian Husky.

We do not release our dogs to someone who is unfamiliar with the breed, or unable to cope with Siberian Huskies traits.  It is important to remember that these are mid to large size dogs who require a lot of exercise and attention. Owning a husky can be a challenge, we want to make sure that any potential new owner is aware of this.

There are thousands of huskies in shelters across Canada and the US because they went to owners who were unprepared for the adventure of owning one of these spectacular dogs. <see some husky traits that are challenging>

We are in constant contact with our vet, and we would recommend that any new husky owner should also establish a bond with their veterinarian early on to ensure vaccinations and health issues are met, and to also consult whenever there are questions about your dogs health. Raising huskies for us is not so much a business, rather it has become our vocation. We keep our dogs healthy and happy, and keep the thought of our puppies’ future lives first and foremost in our minds. If an owner is unable to keep or care for one of our puppies, we will always welcome them back home with us.

We encourage all new owners to stay in touch with us, and we are available to help owners make sure that their puppies grow into the mature and majestic animals they were born to be. We encourage visits with our homed dogs and invite their owners to bring their pups back to our place twice a year for a snow day in the winter and a picnic in the summer. We also encourage dog owners to communicate with us and get together to keep the ‘family’ feeling. Visit our blog to get in touch with another owner.

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