Our Team

WE are a small team and everyone works hard 24/7 to take care of our pack!

Douglas Glasgow

Douglas Glasgow Owner

Member since June, 2012

I have always had a love for dogs and I’ve lived with dogs all my life.

Laddie came into our house in 2010 when our son Alex put him in our care while he travelled and worked away from home. With the introduction of Mackenzie as Laddie’s mate our whole world changed. We now have nine dogs in our yard and home making our days busy and full of action and adventure.

I was fortunate to have spent some time in the Canadian Arctic where I saw first hand how the Inuit used their northern dogs to pull their sleds. The patience and handling required to manage a dog team was impressive. Since then the thought of running a dog team percolated in my head leading us to where we are today. I bought my first sled last winter and used it daily with our two older dogs and even managed to get our puppies harnessed up for a few light runs just to get them a head start. This winter ought to be the best ever!

Karen Glasgow

Karen Glasgow Co-Owner

Member since January, 2012

Growing up around dogs I’ve always had a strong affinity with them, often being the person that they come to. Our family was a family of lab lovers as we had several over the years until my last one, Quincy, passed away in 2011. Shorty after that Laddie came into our lives. I had always admired the Siberian Husky simply for its majestic appearance but I had no idea that I would grow to love them so passionately until spending a few months with Laddie. They are a special breed with an ability to connect with you on so many levels. They are extremely intelligent and very affectionate. Being pack animals they love to be with you and will actively show you how much they want that.

Having our first litter was an amazing experience for us and it convinced us to raise and breed these incredible dogs. We look forward to raising many more pups in the years to come and to creating a growing family of ‘Kenzie’s Run’ Siberian huskies.

Lyndy Foote

Lyndy Foote Dog Handler

Member since August, 2014

Lyndy, came to us in 2014 from southern California, where she was first introduced to the Siberian Husky. Lyndy and her son Jason owned a large red Siberian named Thor.

Lyndy assists us with the care and handling of the dogs and often overnights when required.

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