Black Jack

BreedSiberian Husky
ColorBlack / White
Eyes Blue
BornNovember 3rd 2014

Black Jack

Black Jack is one of the largest dogs in our pack. At almost two years old, he is now bigger than his father. But his size can be deceiving as he as one of the gentlest dogs we’ve ever had – our gentle giant we call him.

He was born almost entirely black, hence the name, but he has since developed a silvery back coat which now gives him a wolf-like appearance.

He is the peacekeeper in our pack and uses his size to intervene during any squabbles in the group.  He is protective of the little pups and especially his mate Ceilidh.  He is a very loving and playful soul, and we already know that he will sire beautiful puppies of his own down the road.


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