ColorBlack/ White
BornMay 3, 2015

About Ceilidh

Ceilidh (pronounced K-Leigh) is the newest member of our pack and has now been with us since early June of 2015. In that time she has quickly won over our hearts with her spirit and playfulness. Sometimes she’s a little “devil”, but she’s incredibly clever and holds her own with the larger dogs.

Ceilidh is a clever escape artist and has mastered the art of climbing and digging. She is a character right out of the movie “The Great Escape”. In fact, our runs have been transformed in a modern “Stalag” due to her resourcefulness!

She’s is also our little red riding hood because her fur is starting to show signs of red when the light hits it.  She is enjoying the new pups, which are more her size and plays well with them.

We acquired Ceilidh as a mate for Black Jack and he is already very protective of her.


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