SOLD – Ululik

BreedSiberian Husky
ColorBlack and White
BornAugust 8th 2016

Ululik (formerly Nike) was originally named after the Greek goddess of victory.  Ululik is her new Inuit name.  She is a beautiful Siberian Husky.  Her playful behavior and curious outlook make her a joy to spend time with.

Ululik and her sister Siarraq (formerly Artemis) have gone to the north to find their forever home with Doreen and her family.

Some words from her owner:

The day I found the puppies on the website,I knew right away Ululik was the one. I didn’t mind all the difficulties I was going to face as long as I had her. Traveling from the Arctic North to south, the only challenge I had to face was flying her back home. She has changed my life the perfect way. She is very fit, loves to go hunting, and loves to get all the attention.

Doug and Karen became good friends of mine, they have helped me so much and for that I am forever grateful for them.

I am excited for my future with starting my dog team. Ululik will be a great leader, she loves to pull on sleds and that’s a great start.


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