SOLD – Willow

BreedSiberian Husky
ColorBlack / White
BornJune 25th, 2015
Mother MacKenzie

Willow (formerly Abby) was the only female born in Kenzie’s second litter. From her birth on June 25th she has demonstrated every sign of being a born leader. She is precocious, and fearless. Willow is always the first to go anywhere or try anything. She is strong, intelligent and like her mother will undoubtedly be a pack leader some day.

Some words from her owner

Why have one when you can have two!!

From the first moment I saw this adorable litter of 3 on a for sale add my heart melted! These bundles of joy were flawless. Bright unconditional loving eyes along with stunning markings made them the perfect candidate in my mind.

After several phone calls, emails, texts and picture messages our hearts had been stolen!  We were so certain that these were the right puppies for us. 

Our deal had been put into motion merely 1800km apart.

My partner and I live off grid on 152 acres in Northern Ontario.  Knowing the nature of huskies and how they thrive in their natural elements made perfect sense for companionship.  Nothing could complete our lives more than being able to share the beautiful wilderness of the North.

Being a first time dog owner, I am so grateful of the connection we have made with this family.  Doug and Karen are the most passionate, caring dog owners I have ever met.  I knew they were ambitious about finding proper homes for their puppies through all the detailed conversations we shared.  They really took the time to get to know us before deciding we would be a good match.

Their home/facility is outstanding! A beautiful large country home with tons of indoor/outdoor space for this large pack.

They welcomed me with open arms after a long 20 hour drive to pick up my new babes.

Since that day we have been in contact quite frequently. Doug and Karen always want to know how the pups are doing and in return I always hear about their gangs exciting new adventures. I know I can always count on them when needed.  They are family now! 

Aspen and Willow have been a part of our lives since September 2015. They have flourished from fury balls of craziness to sassy teenagers who we love ever so dearly.  They love greeting new friends in town on our walks and free runs on our hikes in the bush.  They enjoy pouncing in the snow, running through long grass, dog sledding and long bike rides. 

Our gang is very well house trained which I know started at birth from Doug and Karen’s upbringing.

I know that in the future when we are ready to extend our family even more.  No hesitation, Doug and Karen will be the first to get the call to put us on the next litter list.n Until then…

We look forward to a yearly visits/Dog reunion with this big extended family.

My dogs are not my whole life but my life would not be whole without my dogs!


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