Testimonial from Dakota’s Owners

For many years now my husband and I have wanted to welcome a husky pup into our family. We have always admired the breed , but couldn’t commit until recently because of the attention they require and deserve.


Dakota with her new family

When we came across Kenziesrun, we knew it was the right fit for our family. Doug and Karen were extremely particular about applicants and it’s easy to see they take pride in what they do. Their first and only priority they have is making sure constantly they are molding healthy and happy huskies that can be adopted by loving and responsible people. We were impressed all around with the level of attention they provide and you feel apart of their family when working with them. We had a special situation and they were gracious and patient. In a nutshell people and beautiful dogs.


Dakota in the snow


Dakota now. How she has grown!

When Dakota came into our lives we instantly fell in love with what our eyes saw was the perfect pooch. Her markings were so unique and beautiful our initial meeting was an emotional happy tears mess. At first she was nervous and uneasy- being around a new family of 4 was a large adjustment for her. We were worried because all we heard was that she was a ball of love, over affectionate for a husky with a upbeat and funny personality. We gave it a bit of time and crossed our fingers she would take all in changes well. And oh boy did she ever, everyday we are soaked with dog kisses , she loves to play and run and be silly but best of all she is the cuddliest dog ever. We had no idea what we were in for. My husband and I feel we have hit the husky lottery! She loves making new dog friends and gets along great with children and adults. It’s awesome to have a pup who can outrun our kids X2 . We love having Dakota as apart of our family. She is truly amazing , powerful and hilarious. We are so happy Doug and Karen and Dakota came into our lives.

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