Our First Litter

Our first litter from Laddie and Kenzie, brought us four puppies. All remain healthy and strong. We were so taken by the process and birth, that we confirmed our ambitions to become professional dog breeders right then and there.

This first litter was made up of three males and one female pup. We decided to keep ‘Islay’ our female and her brother ‘BlackJack’ and build our pack with these two beautiful dogs. Their siblings ‘Kaos’ and ‘Marco’ were quickly claimed by well suited owners who have since raised these lads as companions and life long best friends.

Our Dame Mackenzie did a wonderful job raising this litter, giving us little to do other than marvel at beauty of the experience. The instinctive nature and bond between mother and pup was an incredible sight to observe. Seeing this take place is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and we are truly lucky to have this ongoing in our home!


  • News and Events

    • December 29, 2017

      A Visit to the Vet

      Our 5th litter from Dame MacKenzie and Sire Skye had their first trip to the vets yesterday.   All pups are healthy and ready to...   Read More

    • November 13, 2017

      Testimonial from Dakota’s Owners

      For many years now my husband and I have wanted to welcome a husky pup into our family. We have always admired the breed...   Read More

    • November 7, 2017

      Kenzies Run now has two Litters of Pups

      The first is a litter of five pups (4 males, 1 female). They were born on Sunday November 5th and should be ready for...   Read More

    • April 28, 2017

      Testimonial from Hudson’s Owners

      We travelled from the Niagara Region to Merrickville to see the puppies for the fist time. Immediately Doug and Karen welcomed us into their...   Read More

    • April 11, 2017

      A Visit from Stark

      We were thrilled to have the pleasure of Stark’s company on the Saturday March the 11th.  Stark was born in our third litter and...   Read More

    • March 24, 2019

      Kenzie’s Run Has a Litter of Puppies

      Kenzie’s Run has a litter of 6 pups (2 males, 4 females). They were born on Thursday March 21st and should be ready for...   Read More

    • December 12, 2018

      A Trip to the Vet

      Our 8th litter from Dame Islay and Sire Hachiko had their first trip to the vets today.   All pups are healthy and ready to...   Read More

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